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Coffee Distribution Warehouseimage shelving

When this distributor worked in a 100,000 sq.ft. warehouse with 15' aisles, we repaired 35 uprights because of customer's forklift damage, in one year's time.

When SHELVING SYSTEMS, INC. installed rack in their new 300,000 sq.ft. facility, it was UNARCO T-BOLT Seismic Wood-Filled columns. The customer reduced their aisle width to 10' in order to gain additonal rack space. Since then, they have not had to call regarding forklift damage.

NASCAR Sports Collectibles Distribution Centerimage of mezzanine

Increased demand for NASCAR memorabilia made it necessary for this center to increase their merchandise, and also to increase their space allowed for shipping materials. The packaging material alone required a large amount of floor space much needed for merchandise.

SHELVING SYSTEMS, INC. installed a mezzanine specifically to support collapsed cardboard boxes for various sized boxes. This work was ordered and installed within a 2-week period.

image shelving

Remanufacturing Facility

This client was badlly in need of expanding their stock space. New contracts for Lincoln Continental power window motors placed a high demand for space.

SHELVING SYSTEMS, INC. was able to increase the client's storage capacity by 30%. This project was accomplished in a 3-day work period without any interruption to their production schedule.

Fluid Control Companyimage shelving

The mezzanine used by this company was a wood/metal-lumber unit with all support legs damaged and the whole unit was in danger of collapse. Due to warehouse space limitations, this area was the only space that could be utilized for storage.

SHELVING SYSTEMS, INC. disassembled the old system, and installed a Modular double-decked Catwalk/Mezzanine with post protectors to reduce future forklift damage.

image outdoor cantilever racks

Specialized Pipe Supply House

This customer distributes various sizes of pipe of different specifications. The pipe was laid out on the ground. Inventory and order picking were a nightmare. Sometimes products were lost or double-ordered because of a lack of organization.

After SHELVING SYSTEMS, INC. installed Cantilever Rack, order pickers were able to identify and select any one item as required with a minimum of delay.

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